As soon as I discovered soccer


As soon as I discovered soccer, I knew I wanted to get involved. It’s a job that isn’t for everyone, it takes a mad love of sport. Devoting yourself body and soul, getting up very early in the morning and constantly worrying about the development of our players, involves countless hours of planning and a maximum of preparation.

I am Louis Bédard, founder of EuroClass. Here we work with the future champions! Today’s high caliber players are extremely impressive technically and I found that often the training sessions did not put enough emphasis on that consistency and intensity that is required to achieve perfect ball control. . This is one of the reasons why I founded EuroClass.

Here, we mainly focus on first touch of the ball and the information gathering . It’s so crucial in soccer. Mastering the first touch is, in my opinion, one of the main skills of high caliber players. It must be recognized and understood that this is the catalyst for the next step. It doesn’t matter what we have planned as a sequence; centering, passing, checking or faking it all starts with the first touch.

If I ever had the honor of seeing players with whom I worked reach the Champion League, that would undoubtedly be one of the proudest things in my life. It is one of the primary motivations of everyone who does what we do; the hope that one day we will see one of our players make it to the top.

Louis Bédard, founder of EuroClass

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