Reflection Edge

A game-changing neurological training

Reflexion is a revolutionary cognitive sports training service designed to improve performance in competition. Using a state-of-the-art touchscreen light board powered by cloud-based technology and data analytics, Reflexion accelerates and strengthens cognitive processes and skills such as peripheral vision, decision-making, reaction time and eye-movement coordination.
A facet of the game that very few soccer training solutions offer. This gives the player a competitive edge through cognitive training that helps distinguish the best athletes from the rest.


  • Provides cognitive training in a low-contact, injury-free approach
  • Challenging games and puzzles that keep the athlete engaged while improving visual and cognitive skills
  • Training complements other facets of EuroClass training to maximize learning experiences
  • A fun and exciting way to stay engaged at all ages

Targeted skills

  • Visual and cognitive skills
  • Awarness
  • Reaction time


Research has shown that high-level visual training can improve on-field performance by 10% in as little as six weeks.

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