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Your child’s birthday is fast approaching and you just don’t know how to celebrate this year’s party. Well, we have good news for you and your child. Celebrate your big day with your friends at a soccer party.

Yes! There is nothing better than to make your loved ones enjoy their most memorable day.

Safety, peace of mind and fun

All EuroClass coaches are trained soccer coaches and all have at least two years experience with children, as well as first aid training.

Our coaches will bring all the necessary soccer equipment for the party to run smoothly.

When you book your child’s birthday party, we will assign a party coordinator to see to the planning.

To top it all off, we also offer parents a birthday party. Contact us today to reserve your date!

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  • Group of 10 children maximum including the birthday boy (4 years +)
  • 1 hour of training and soccer activities
  • 30 minutes of FanZone
  • 30 minutes for food and cake
  • Surprise gift 
  • Cake, water or juice for 10 children
  • Pizza for 10 children (2 slices per child)
  • Invitation tickets provided