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EuroClass is always written with a capital E and C. Invariably EuroClass, never Euroclass, nor Euro Class. Please ensure that you follow our branding guidelines.

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Helps soccer players reach their full potential

Master key description
Located in the heart of beautiful Quebec City, EuroClass’ mission is to teach and give back to players from 8 to 21 all the experience we have acquired in soccer as well as to transmit our passion. Our goals are to have recognized and respected soccer coaches, to establish a technology hub within our own training center where enthusiastic soccer players would come to train.


When placing our logo on a dark background, use the reverse version that we have designed specifically for this type of use.


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Leave plenty of space around the EuroClass logo. Whether it’s big or small, just give it a chance to breathe and not get stuck.

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  • Modify these files in any way.
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Color chart

Sea blue is the main color of EuroClass. We use red and light blue for accents while dark blue is mostly used for text.