Our members have access to the EuroClass Center, with additional and exclusive discounts on all classes, leagues and camps. We offer contract and non-contract options and discounted membership rates for groups and off-peak hours.

All packages included:

  • Circuit training
  • Members Only Groups
  • Access to Neuro-training
  • Athlete Development
  • The EuroClass Fitness Room
  • The rehabilitation room
  • 15% discount on all events and merchandise
  • Evaluations
  • Free access to the FanZone

Packages are non-transferable and unused credits cannot be carried over from month to month.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions

  • I authorize EuroClass to take and use photos and videos of me or my child for promotional purposes.
  • I accept responsibility for any damage I may cause to property or equipment, whether intentionally, unintentionally or through negligence, and agree to reimburse the full amount of repairs or replacement resulting from such damage.
  • I acknowledge that any form of solicitation, sale or promotion of services on the EuroClass Center premises is strictly prohibited without prior written consent.
  • I acknowledge that the EuroClass Center reserves the right to temporarily close the facility and/or suspend activities in order to make repairs or maintenance or for any other reason deemed necessary by management. Temporary closure may occur without notice. In such event, I acknowledge that I am not entitled to any compensation or refund for the period of closure and/or suspension of activities or services.
  • I acknowledge that EuroClass Center reserves the right to add, remove or modify any service, including but not limited to hours of operation and amenities offered, without penalty to EuroClass Center. In addition, the withdrawal or modification of a service or amenity may be made without notice
  • I agree to make my payments to the Centre in the amount claimed in the contract and on the dates indicated. I agree to fully indemnify The Center for any additional costs associated with the collection of payments. I acknowledge that I am responsible for payments regardless of whether I attend The Center or not. I acknowledge that I am responsible for paying the amounts in full plus any costs incurred by The Center in collecting payments, notwithstanding the expiration date of this Agreement.
  • In the event of an accident, I agree to allow EuroClass personnel to intervene and contact the ambulance service, if necessary. It is my responsibility to carry all personal and public liability insurance in case of accident and/or ambulance fees and/or breakage, loss or theft of personal items or to personally assume all related costs.
  • I agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by EuroClass or its partners. Compliance with all regulations is mandatory. Also, I commit myself to follow all the instructions of the instructor, this for my safety, but also the respect of the other participants. Participants in EuroClass activities who do not follow the rules or regulations will be expelled without any form of reimbursement (registration, subscriptions or other).
  • I also agree to play an active role in managing these risks by adopting a preventive attitude towards myself and others around me, and to conduct myself at all times in a responsible and safe manner, so as to eliminate or reduce such risks, and to follow and respect at all times the instructions and guidelines given by EuroClass and EuroClass Centre personnel, ask clearly what to do when faced with an unknown difficulty, not to go beyond my abilities and to advise the person in charge of the activity of any discomfort, pain or symptoms experienced during the activity, and not to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug before and during the activity