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An elastic box that is supported by 2 columns whose angles can be controlled to control the dynamics of the ball’s rebound. Steel box filled with a soft plastic net designed to bounce the ball
  • Controlling the ball with different body parts and under different conditions
  • For shooting exercises (volleys)
  • To practice long passes


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Free kick wall

A standing wall composed of 5 mannequins of a height of 185 cm. Plastic mannequins that resist all types of fire


  • Used for free kick strategies
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Ball launcher

A machine that places the bale at different angles & speeds, on demand and under the control of the operator.


  • To center the ball from different angles [au profit des défenseurs et des attaquants]
  • So that players can receive various “random” balls defined by the operator
  • Perfect training for goalkeepers to bring their skills to another level
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Blazepod pods

A number of small pods with sensors that can be used for different types of workouts


  • Used to increase the player’s tactical intelligence
  • Used in the physical aspect of a player
  • Improves the psychological response of the player

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A simple but very addictive soccer game, played one on one. Both players sit on the benches, which also serve as goals. Just protect your net, deceive your opponent with your feints and score. And that’s it!

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Unlock your true hidden performance with the world’s #1 portable soccer tracker.
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