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Career summary

Date of Birth: October 6, 1975

Nationality: Canadian

Place of birth: Quebec, Canada

Trained teams:

Dynamo de Québec (AAA)
Phénix des rivières (AA)
Kodiak de Charlesbourg (AAA, AA D1)

I played soccer for a few years in Charlesbourg as a child, but like all boys of my time, hockey dominated. It must be said that in the late 1970s and early 1980s soccer was not very organized and popular in our snow-white country of Canada. It was in the summer of 2001 that my passion was reborn, standing on the sidelines, in the cold, watching my girlfriend Sabrina play without the team really being coached. From that moment my career was launched. Soccer Canada coaching courses, personal training and training abroad, nothing was left to chance.

Detailed Experiences

2019 – 2020-  Head Coach  EuroClass

2019 – 2019-  Head Coach  at Kodiak Charlesbourg  U-12 F D1

2018 – 2018-  Head Coach  at Kodiak Charlesbourg U-11 F D1

2017 – 2017-  Head Coach  at Kodiak Charlesbourg U-10 F D1

2017 – 2017-  Head Coach  at FC Barcelona Escola U8M team training

2007 – 2007-  Head Coach  at Kodiak Charlesbourg  U-09 F D2

             Sports trainer  at the Dynamo de Québec Training of the U15F AAA team

2005 – 2006-  Sports trainer  at Cardinal Roy school Training of the school soccer team Organization and logistics of school and extracurricular games

Detailed Training

February 2020-
Professional Sports Psychology
Accredited by CTAA Complementary Therapists Accreditation Association

February 2020
NCCP Sports Nutrition
National Coaching Certification Program

January 2020
NCCP Emergency Action Plan
National Coaching Certification Program

Take a lead in soccer
Soccer Quebec

Laws of the Game
FFA Referee Training

Respect and sport for activity leaders
Soccer Quebec

Make ethical decisions
Soccer Quebec

The basic of our style of play
Barca Innovation Hub, Universitas

What to train
Barca Innovation Hub, Universitas

January 2019

How to train
Barca Innovation Hub, Universitas

January 2019
Scouting and recruitment of top performance athletes

January 2019
Soccer Analyst (level 1): Game Analysis
How to build a Match Analysis Process?

March 2019
Foundation Scouting Strategies by Dan Fieldsend

May 2018
Technical Director at Counseling Soccer

Spanish Methodology at Counseling Soccer
A week of training at La Masia de Barcelona

september 2017
Coerver Youth Diploma 1 to Coerver Coaching

May 2007
Ent. level 1 goalkeeper at Soccer Quebec

Provincial Coach Diploma at Soccer Quebec
Obtaining a DEP License
2-month internship in a sports club

August 2005
S2, S3 and S7 licenses at Soccer Canada
Obtaining Youth and Senior Licenses

June 2005
Multi-Sport at Coaching Association of Canada
Part B: Teaching and Learning, Basic Mental Skills, Designing a Basic Sports Program

June 2004
Multi-Sport at Coaching Association of Canada
Part A: Make ethical decisions, plan a practice, nutrition

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